About Us


It all started when…

Ben and Dom worked together in the telecommunications sector. They are passionate about using technology to help humans connect better. As landlords and tenants, they saw an opportunity - which led to Rental Heroes!




Ben Burton Co-Founder & CEO


Ben is a bit of a dreamer

From a young age he loved to ‘make inventions’ in the backyard. When he grew up, he studied Commerce & Law at Melbourne Uni – and then found himself working ‘real jobs’ for 17 years.

Ben held leadership positions in both the telecommunications and insurance sectors, developing teams across commercial, product innovation and business process automation functions.

Ben also has a few Real Estate investments; he believes there is a big opportunity to apply innovative digital solutions to Property Management services.

Most notable achievements

  • Building and Leading professional services’ teams across Australia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Mexico

  • Leading customer engagements and $10M+ contract renewals

  • Driving a car from Hong Kong to London – well almost…


Dominik Chmielewski Co-Founder & COO


Dom loves product design

Dom has 17 years’ experience within telecommunications, supply-chain and IT sectors and has worked across a broad range of business areas.

He’s passionate about the creative and innovative use of technology to enrich and simplify the mundane stuff we have to deal with day-to-day.

With a bit of a creative streak, Dom enjoys design and making experiences looks great!

Most notable achievements

  • Launched the first Windows Smartphone in Europe

  • Founded multiple brands and websites

  • Obtained a private pilot’s licence

  • Spent a summer being a geek at CERN in Switzerland




Sarah Cohen


Property Management Consultant

With a career spanning over 15 years in asset and portfolio management, Sarah has been at the forefront of the retail and commercial property industry in Australia and the UK, managing multifaceted projects in technology, business improvement and customer engagement initiatives.


  • Advisor, Stockland Accelerator Prop Tech Program

  • Property Management

  • Consultancy


Matthew Werner


Startup Advisor

Matthew is a successful entrepreneur, international business developer and project manager. He recently relocated to Sydney after 15 years in Paris. Matthew has extensive experience in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He holds an MBA degree from ESSEC Business School and speaks fluent French.


  • BlueChilli Prop Tech Program Director

  • Entrepreneur

  • Startup Champion