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We provide a simple, guided conversation

Our virtual assistant "Alex" is an AI powered chatbot. Alex provides a simple, guided conversation for all maintenances issues and answers common tenant questions.

Where the user needs to go beyond the guided conversation, our natural language technology steps in to make sure we capture everything.
Alex Chatbot
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What our customers are saying

Teagan Munro Profile Photo
Teagan Munro
New Business Manager
LJ Hooker - Kaleen

Alex has been really popular with our tenants – very easy to use allowing tenants to provide more information including photos and videos when reporting maintenance. The integration with IRE’s Maintenance Tracker is seamless and reduces the need for additional follow-up by our property managers.

Tanya Harding Profile Photo
Tanya Harding
Business Manager
Distinct Property Management

Since introducing Alex, we’ve found there are less follow-up calls, emails and voicemails to deal with. It’s great that Alex goes beyond maintenance, answering common tenant questions and providing useful guidance without interrupting the team. On average Alex is saving 10 hours per week, and this is increasing each week as more tenants and owners start using Alex.

Susie Weaver Profile Photo
Susie Weaver
Business Development Manager
LJ Hooker - Canberra City

Since launching Alex the AI-chatbot a couple of months ago, we have noticed a reduction in calls – maybe a 100 calls have been avoided. The set up was so easy, and the team at Rental Heroes are a great. I highly recommend them.

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