Ben Burton
Co-Founder & CEO
From a young age he loved to ‘make inventions’ in the backyard. When he grew up, he studied Commerce & Law at Melbourne Uni – and then found himself working ‘real jobs’ for 17 years.

Ben held leadership positions in both the telecommunications and insurance sectors, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of service solutions that blend the best of human and digital capabilities.

He also has a couple of Real Estate investments; he believes there is a big opportunity in property management to use digital innovation to speed up issue resolution and remove communication bottlenecks.
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Dominik Chmielewski
Co-Founder & COO
Dom has 19 years’ experience within telecommunications, supply-chain and IT sectors and has worked across a broad range of business areas.

He’s passionate about the creative and innovative use of technology to enrich and simplify the mundane stuff we have to deal with day-to-day.

With a bit of a creative streak, Dom enjoys design and making experiences looks great!
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