Defining our Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Learning that we can start with an MVP was counter-intuitive, but extremely productive

As start-up founders, we are perhaps naturally wired to ‘think big’.  We’ve had numerous ideation sessions where we’ve imagined the possibilities of how big data and AI will transform the Property Management sector. Narrowing down our product roadmap to a small first step has been our hardest challenge.  

Through our customer research we have identified many problems worth solving. But the opportunity we are starting with is maintenance requests. Our aim is to streamline communications, seamlessly in the background, so that:

  • Tenants know their issue is being dealt with and how long it’s going to take
  • Property managers have more time to focus on building relationships and business
  • Trades can quote a job and do a job in the one go
  • Landlords can see that their property manager is giving them the best deal

Over the next few weeks we will be completing a couple of “concierge pilots” with Stockland and a residential real estate branch.  We want to test if we really can make a difference.

We’re by no-means the only business trying to get maintenance jobs done seamlessly. It’s early days, but we’ll be testing a fresh new way of solving an age-old problem.  

We’ll let you know how it all goes next month!

Dominik Chmielewski
Dominik Chmielewski

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