We've completed the Stockland/BlueChilli Accelerator!

Rental Heroes completes Stockland / Bluechilli Accelerator

So we’ve come to the end of an intense six-month accelerator which helped us focus our ideas, work out our launch market and demonstate product-market-fit. With our first pilot complete and a full roll-out at one of Stockland’s shopping centre’s, we’re now collecting big data to provide value to our customer and to optimise our chatbot.

With new customers in the pipeline, we’ll be rolling out our product to new markets that face the same maintenance management pain points but in different environments.

Watch this space for further updates!

We’d like to thank Stockland, BlueChilli and all the founders in our cohort for making the accelerator experience really valueable and enjoyable! Read more about them here.

Dominik Chmielewski
Dominik Chmielewski

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