Our first customer in NZ!

Rental Heroes launches its first international customer!

Another first for Rental Heroes, today we launched our latest customer Professionals - Doublewinkel NZ and its our first international customer!

Now that we have completed our latest integration - Palace, which is the most popular property management CRM system in NZ, we expect new customers from across the pond saving time by using Alex.

Palace customers can now continue to enjoy all the benefits they’re used to, no changes to their workflow, including continuing to use third party maintenance solutions, with the time saving of Alex being the first port of contact for tenants.

Alex's ability to diagnose and provide self-help means there are less requests for property managers to deal with and should escalation be required, Alex creates the request directly within Palace as a work order - so no changes to how agencies manage their business.

If you’re using Palace and haven’t seen a demo of Alex, book one today!

Dominik Chmielewski
Dominik Chmielewski

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