We’ve onboarded our first 149 tenancies!

Rental Heroes rolls-out to retail stores at Stockland Wetherill Park

We spent almost a week at Stockland’s Wetherill Park shopping centre helping to onboard our first full shopping-centre.

The Stockland Wetherill Park team were fantastic!

When we arrived Monday morning, all 206 stores had already received their Stockland Memo, Rental Heroes poster and FAQ. It must have been mammoth task for Stockland’s security team. So we set straight to work...

Being our first paid pilot, our mission was to visit as many stores as possible. We wanted to provide “how-to” demos and get live on-the-ground feedback from our user base.

We were very pleased with how positively store staff reacted to the new Facility & Maintenance Messenger chatbot. With Stockland’s support, we visited 149 stores – of which 85 stores logged in and gave it go, while we were there.

Here are some key learnings:

  • Most store staff had Messenger installed on their smartphone and were happy to use it for Facility & Maintenance requests. All age demographics use Messenger.
  • QR code scanning (to open the chatbot) can be an issue for some Samsung and Oppo handsets. We’re working on some alternative “visual triggers” into our chatbot.
  • Some stores have a policy to first report all Facility & Maintenance issues to their head-office. Head-office then triage and report to Stockland as applicable. Another feature for our backlog.
  • Genuine enthusiasm from store staff over tangible steps to improve the retailer experience.

Our tech is working well at scale and we’re logging all kinds of jobs. Most importantly we’re optimising the interactions, features and our AI back-end.

So far, we’ve already released 11 new improvements.

Dominik Chmielewski
Dominik Chmielewski

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